Friday, February 28, 2014

StrideBox February

As I always say, Stridebox was my favorite this month again!

I LOVE these boxes. There was a shipping glitch but that did not change the fact that it STILL was my favorite!!!

Here is the product listing...

 Sooo cute!~

Some awesome chews to try out on a long run - maybe my 12 miler this weekend ;-)

 Interesting...will try this on a day that I have HipHop and Zumba back to back...

I think this looks good and I love almonds and honey so I have high hopes for this one.

Love coffee - this energy gel should be AWESOMENESS!!!

Yummy pineapple - another awesome hydration drink mix for class!!!

Foot gel - oh yes!!! I am excited to try this after my next long run!!!!!!

This lip therapy feels awesome!! As we have had weather between 10 degrees and negative ten degrees all week in Pittsburgh I have been using this and it is great!!! Almost as good as my EOS ball except I prefer the EOS ball fruit flavors to the peppermint!!!

I have LOVED the little runner gift each month in the box as well! This came in handy on my 5AM run last weekend. I hope to not have to use it again - ha ha! It is a great little bright and flashy light that clips anywhere!! love it!!!

Also every month is a cute little sticker or two!! I love these as well!!! 

 If you are a runner, you SERIOUSLY need to try this - I promise you will love it!!! SOOOOOOOOOO FUN and just like sending yourself a little gift each month!

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