Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jesus, Make it warm!!!

I saw this video on Facebook this morning that just about sums up how I feel lately!
I have been doing great with the workouts and tracking the eating and the weight is finally coming off however I am grouchy...just so grumpy and grouchy!!!
I am just soooooo sick of this cold!!! And I mean cold!! 
My poor heater is lurching each time it has to switch on (which has been about every 15 minutes for weeks now). Fingers crossed that it will survive the winter!! It has been bitterly cold here...for example, today when I came into work it was -3F (yes, NEGATIVE) in Pittsburgh, PA.

THAT IS TOOOO DAMN COLD!!!! There ! I said it!!

Isn't that the cutest video ever and my thoughts EXACTLY!!!!

I will show you how well my workouts have been going with a little snippet of my BodyMedia from yesterday.  Yesterday I worked all day and then did my 3 mile training run on the treadmill on the way home at LA Fitness.  I then ate dinner (forgot my Chiropractor apt-oops) and went to StudioFit where I did Zumba, BodyPump and HipHop for an hour each! Got home and showered and hit the bed big time! Which, as you will see below, is not reflected in my sleep!!! I am still not sleeping - gotta figure this out - I was in bed by 10PM with the television off!!!!!

I did something to tweak my left knee and it is pretty sore so it works out well that today is my day off. So I am working and then heading home to veg on the couch ALL NIGHT!! YEA ME!!! And get to bed earlier!!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

PS - I mailed out all my Valentines to my dearest loved ones - did you get yours yet?!?!?

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