Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Stridebox

Stridebox is still at the top of the subscription boxes if you ask me.  It may actually be my favorite (although I love ipsy too).

Here is December's box...this is the list that tells what has been included this month...

 I love these little coupons and cute stickers they send each month too...

Here are my safety laces...cant wait to put these in my shoes!!! Cute and functional!

This is awesome!!! I will let you know once I have a boo boo and try it out...I'm a klutz so it should not take long...ha!!!

A yummy chia seed and honey snack bar - saving this for a long run or bike ride...

Cant wait to try these during my marathon training sessions!!!

Any chocolate is good chocolate, right?!?!??!

Another fun thing to try during marathon training...not so sure about the peppermint thing though...may make me sick or head achy??

Already used this for aerobic class refreshment...tasted great...not sure if it gave me energy or not but tasted yummy.

Did not get to try this :-(  It was open and actually all over the inside of my box when it arrived.  Bummer as I actually love coconut and chia.

 I seriously think if you work out and especially if you jog or run; you will love this subscription box!!! It is only $15 a month and it is like a little present to yourself...and we all deserve a little present each month right?!?! Click HERE to subscribe!!!

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