Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Link Up

With all the Holiday prep I have had nothing to blog about.

I was sooooo excited when I found this link up.

It sounds like fun and gives me something to say!!! HA

So click HERE and link up if you want to play too with Jake and Holly!!!

Here we go!!!

1. My favorite Christmas was Christmas 1996. I guess I should really say that it was the best and the worst all in one.  I actually entered inpatient rehab on December 9th, 1996 and Christmas was a little shaky that year. At the time I thought it was a really horrible thing but now I know it was the start of an amazing sober life and I am soooo BLESSED!!!
2. The worst Christmas I had was Christmas 1996 also. Like I said above I was really sick and shaky and Christmas was really rough but what I did not know was that it would be the beginning of an amazing stretch of my life and AGAIN I am soooo BLESSED!!!
3. That one gift that made me scratch my head and say, "Hmmmm" was a snail cut out of tin and painted horrendously...purchased from the dollar store (by an adult mind you- had a child given it to me I would have loved it for the thought - hee)  If you cannot afford a gift then don't give one at all...I would rather that than something horrendous!
4. One year I
5. I think the worst gift to give is something that you just grab up and requires no thought.  I love thought out gifts that either mean something or apply to that specific person.
6. At Christmastime I typically always smile!!! I love the holidays and the holiday prep and the holiday decorations and the holiday songs!!! How can you not smile!!?!?!??!?!
7. Typically, family Christmas ROCKS!!!
8. If I could change one thing about the Holiday season I would not! I love everything as it is!!
9. It is so hard to buy for bosses.  I never know what to give my bosses so I usually opt for homemade candy and cookies.
10. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my family and all of us meeting up at my parents house for the holiday.

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  1. I'm so glad you made it through that Christmas to get sober!

    Thank you so much for your kind donation. What a generous heart you have....with the outpouring of help I believe we are going to save these other two horses!!!


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