She's alive!

Wow! That was a looooong blog break!
Thanks to all of you that checked in with me to make sure I was alive!
Life has gotten a little stressful and crazy.

One of my closest friends lost her daughter (I wrote about this in one of my last posts) and I have been spending a lot of time trying to be there for her and also work and take care of me. Well, after the death of her daughter she realized that her husband was a big lump of nothingness! He is a drug addicted piece of crap that does nothing and does not think he has a problem. It seems that for years she has been so focused on saving her daughter from drugs that she did not even notice what her husband was doing. So, to make a long story shorter, she has kicked him out (after a DUI) and now her entire world seems to be falling apart.

Any of you that pray, your prayers for Kimmy are appreciated. She seriously needs them!!!

I have been taking care of myself too though and have gotten in exercise everyday for the past two weeks! Yeah me! I am not weighing myself until Monday but have been making a lot of healthy choices lately!!! This afternoon (wednesday) I went for a four mile jog/walk on the montour trail-it was a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh.

Last night I took a little break from helping others and was invited to go to the Pittsburgh Pirates game with one of my best buddies Glenn and his family!!! It was a great game and soooo much fun! We had perfect weather and Pirates won 5-0!!!! Yeah! The first picture below is Glenn and I; the second is the pierogi race during a game break; the third is my favorite ballpark food-peanuts; and the fourth is a view of our city from PNC ballpark!

Thanks all for your patience during my lack of blogging....I promise I am back and I never stopped reading all of your updates!


  1. Oh that is so much for your friend to be dealing with ((hugs)).

    Looks like a fun baseball game! I like to go watch games but I'm don't really ever follow anything, which would make it more exciting.


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