Friday, July 20, 2012

Eating for an Army?!

OKAY!!! Enough of this already!!!

I am sick of this plateau I am on!!
I am working out like a maniac every night and burning over 1000 calories a day and NOT losing any weight!!

Is it possible that I am eating enough calories to defeat working out that much?!?!?!

This is my workouts this week so far:
1 hour Zumba
1 hour eliptical

1/2 hour jogging
1 hour eliptical

1/2 hour jogging
1 hour eliptical

1 hour step aerobics w/ abs and toning (w/ weights)
 1 hour eliptical

Tonight will be 1 hour of Zumba
Oh well, I have been tracking exercise on my fitness pal and it is now time to add tracking food!!!

I am done with this PLATEAU!!!

Good bye weight!!!!!!!

Any ideas?!?!??!?! HELP!??!?!?!



  1. I've been stuck for about a month too! I was reading about calorie cycling, have you tried that?

  2. Just checking to see if you are still alive...


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