Potty funeral

Hi All!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend - I KNOW I DID!
I am back from meeting my new nephew (Brody Matthew) - he is such a cutie pie!!!

His little sister Madelyn was hilariously indifferent to him which I guess is better than her pinching and twaping him, hugh?

My sister and brother-in-law hooked him up with a totally cool newborn gift of his first BMW (his initials are BMW - get it?)...hopefully when he grows up his parents will keep that trend going~

I will leave you with the pictures of the little cutie and his new car!!

Also, when I was gone, cat treat died....he was my new betta fish and he was swimming kinda funny when I left but I never expected DEATH!!!
I came home and he was floating vertically and stiff - So, I said a prayer and flushed his dead little self down the potty - I will be stopping on the way home to get a new pet for the tank.....turtle? fish? frog?....
Not sure yet but will let you know with a photo ASAP! Bettas are officially off my list...I am obviously a betta fish killer and should not be trusted to own one!


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