Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheat Day and Misc.

Yesterday was a baddddddddddddddd day for Weight Watchers! I got my little monthly buddy (sorry if that is TMI) and was dying for chocolate!!! I have a little stash of Sarris Chocolate from the last employee event hidden as treats each month...well, that went out the window as I ate about a pound of chocolate - WOWSA!!!!! Weigh in will not be pretty this week!!! HA HA! Also, I have this cold from H E double hockey sticks! It is driving me crazy....I am such a big baby when I am sick and very is just a cold but it really is soooo annoying at this point and my poor little nose hurts from blowing it!! These pictures below are from last weekend (we had a Service function called Getaway Weekend in Penn Hills-about 150 attended the whole weekend). It was a lot of fun and fellowship and I got to do a presentation on attending online meetings versus face to face - it was really fun even though I was dreading it until it was over. This is a few people from just one of the panels (don't they look excited to be presenting?!?)... This is Waliacha acting a goof in our room...
This is Waliacha at dinner - one night we decided to forgo the event food and eat out with Eddie - our friend...we ended up at Monteray Bay and it was amazing!! I had the Chilean Sea Bass Jerk Style (YUMMO)-honestly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very pricey but very good!!
This is Eddie...another goof!
This is the little plate that Waliacha's creamer and sugar for coffee was served on...fancy fancy!!! Sorry, no food was soo good there was no pausing for pictures before eating - HA!!!
Here is the new kitchen aquarium ...3 live plants...10 mollys and plattys (2 boys and 8 girls) and 2 catfish (not sure of sex yet-HA)....I love it!!!!! NO CASUALTIES SO FAR!!!! Knock on wood!!!!Sad thing is that the tank ios right next to the stove - I hope they do not notice when I cook fish - LOL!!!! Awesome shot of the plant life I added...I love these live plants...these were a recommendation of Kim at Petco - she was amazing and helpful and LOVES fish just as someone loves a cat or dog so she is my new IDOL - seriously she was an amazing and helpful source of knowledge for this new fish owner. She was sooo empathetic when I told her the story of cat treat :-(
Here is a blurry action shot of them swimming...

That is all I have to report today......NO chocolate will pass these lips today and I think I may take the day off from the gym and go home and nap after work....we shall see!!!

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  1. How funny a Monteray Bay and it's not even in Monteray (CA)!

    Those people look super excited to be presenting lol.


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