Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping Enlightenment

I was recently shopping with Waliacha (hanging out as friends as we see if he is REALLY changing and IN recovery) and we were at a mall near my home.

The Galleria is the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA

As we went inside from the POSH parking garage (mind you, this whole mall is a very POSH mall with expensive stores and we werejust browsing and getting coffee at Starbucks - LOL); I noticed something strange on the overhead rafters and was floored to find out what it was.

I initially thought it was a prank by kids but no; it is a huge FAKE bird left up there to discourage the REAL birds from hanging out there and pooping on unsuspecting shoppers.

Great idea, right???

Except the best part was on the left side of the FAKE bird was a real bird...just chilling out like the FAKE bird was his best can see his eyes to the left of the FAKE birds feet in this picture...isn't that hillarious?!?!?!?

Just goes to show ya - birds are no dummies......LOL!!!! We had this same thing occur when Mom and Dad put a fake owl at the end of their dock on the lake - I think it became the seagulls best friend!! LOL!!

It is soooo suprising what you find when you take the time to look around our world!!!! :-) Anyone from my area: go to the mall and see if you can find exactly where it is ... fun day excursion for ya'll!!!!

Happy Thursday.

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