Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am playing with Kenz at Friend Makin' Monday.

FMM: Three Things

Three of your favorite movies:
The Outsiders
Joe Dirt

Three of your favorite things to drink:
COFFEE !!!!!
Hot Green Tea

Three of your favorite songs:
anything by Kidrock
Never Been to Me - Charlene
anything by Eric Clapton

Three people who have been a positive influence on your life (outside of your family):
Kenz with her many challenges and accomplishments! For Real!!
My current boss at work
My dancing teacher from years ago - Ruby

Three things you to do keep yourself entertained:

Three things you're attracted to in the opposite sex:
Mean (tough) looking...LOL
Funny is a must
Old School Respect - opening doors, etc.

Three things you love about yourself:
My personality (try to think of others first)
My hair
I tan easily

The last 3 people you text messaged: (I dont text so I will sub the word call)
My mommy
friend Mariella
friend Walt

Three things you're looking forward to this week:
Seeing my family..especially ALL my nieces and nephews
Waking up at Mom and Dad's Christmas morning (many nieces and nephews still believe in Santa and that is what makes Christmas amazing)
Laughing until my belly hurts with my family!

Now it's your turn to share your answers!

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