Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enbrel, my friend

Not sure who has been following me for ahwile but in a previous post I metioned that I suffer from stinks - to say the last.

Well, it has just kept getting worse and worse so my dermatologist finally switched me to a shot that I have to give myself twice a week now. I wasn't so sure that I could do a shot on myself but I have acheived personal injectability very well, thank you! LOL

I have also found that my belly fat comes in handy after all - if I try to shoot it into my arm or legs it hurts because there is not enough fat there...however, if I shoot it into my belly, I do not feel a thing!!!! So, belly fat it is!!!!!

It is amazing so far!!!
It is supposed to take three months to REALLY kick in and it is already working after 1 month and I am looking less and less like a lepper each day...yeah!!!!!!!! Also, it will help me from progressing into the psoriatic arthritis also...double yeah!!!!!

Just saying....THANKS ENBREL!!!!!

PS - this picture gives you the idea but it is not my belly...mine is wayyyyyy chubbier!!! :-)

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