Thursday, December 2, 2010

Misc Catch-up

I went to visit an amazing friend at his resting place on the anniversary of his death, Nov 10th and saw these turkeys hanging hugh?

This is his families bench near his gravesite...loved this guy sooooooooo much and miss him everyday!!!!!!!!!
This is my sweet Lucky at the vets office on Oct 12th the day she went to kitty heaven...I loved her sooo much and also miss her everyday!!!!!!!

This is a racoon I saw when I was walking on the walking path the other day...I think he was sick as he was just curled up and did not even try to move or run :-(

And, after all the sad memories posted above...this is a picture of most of my nieces and nephews (missing one nephew and one niece-sorry Matt and Madelyn) piled into the coco bus headed somewhere....really cant remember where I just love this photo and it makes me smile!!!!!
Who makes you smile?!?!??!?!?

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  1. I've missed you in the blog world! I'm glad you see the good memories with the sad. I guess life has to be a mixture, huh? Stay strong!


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