Part 1

Lets try this again.....
Got the photos from the weekend in Columbus off the phone and here they are...
Here was my weekend....Part 1
Here is my niece JoJo chillin on the couch....

This is the whole crew Sauturday night! We all went shopping!!!!!! At Target!!!!!! It was my oldest sisters bday so we had to shop for something FUN to do!!!!!!!! Yeah us!!! We left the boys at home!!!!

This is everyone in the car on the way - love this!!!!!!!!!!
Just in case anyone wonders why Susie and Steve call their van the COO COO Bus!!!!!!

What fun!!!!!! I will post a lot more after I download my pics from the camera!!!! I have not even posted why were were there yet!!!!


  1. 2 things-
    One- looks like a ton of fun! I LOVE target. 2nd? You like Grace Potter and the Nocturnals? So do i!!


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