Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love the Holidays!!

Spent the holiday weekend with the family in Harrisburg eating (thanks to Kerry and her AMAZING Thanksgiving meal and everyone elses contributions) and cookie baking. It was great!!! As always, we had sooo much fun and THEY got sooo much baking done!!! As for me, I am officially hooked on the Guitar Hero video game and the Wii Fit....at first I sucked really bad at Guitar Hero and then started getting good. I think I missed my calling - too bad I do not own one so I can practice at home!!! It's probably for the better that I do not purchase one also or I think I may never leave home - LOL.
Matt and Dan went hunting for deer - I have not gotten a report yet but as soon as I hear if they got one I will post it...ickky ickky but they enjoy it and from what I hear it needs to happen.
Wally was sick all weekend - I felt bad. Of course, I initially thought he was faking it (stage fright with having to spend the entire weekend with people he had not met yet) but I have come to decide that the poor man really was soooooo sick....I think he ate for the first time in four days last night. I am soooooooo glad he is feeling better!
Oh, and I officially joined my new gym and I am more motivated than before to get hotter if that is even possible (meaning if it is possible that I could be more motivated not that I could be more hot-that is not possible, ha ha). I will let you know, but sooo far I am loving my new gym Complete Fitness after one days workout!
Have a great Tuesday!!!!!!!!

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