Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Card Pic - WOW! What a fiasco!!!

WOW! What a fiasco!!!

It took two days and a whole lot of scratches to get the annual kitten picture to put in the Christmas card this year!

Last year mom and I tried and were only able to get them all together so I had to photo shop the Santa hats on the cats heads.

This year, with Walt's assistance and blood (Kidrock scratched the crap out of him), I was able to get an amazingly cute pic that has everyone!!!!!! No photo-shopping necessary!!!! Walt is holding Kidrock and I have Lucky and Angelica. The only issue this year was that I did no electronic preparation so when the time came to get the picture quick - my camera timer would not work. After reading the instruction manual, we were able to get a great pic then next night. You will get to see this work of art if you are lucky enough to get a Christmas card - LOL.....

Also, see this pic below...not sure if it is serious or a joke........verrrrrry interesting - LOL!

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