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Easter Fun in Harrisburg

Hi everyone! It's time for a little late but fun Easter recap!! When  went to do this post today I realized that I hardly took any pictures at all this year! I must have been enjoying myself too much and forgot! OOPS!

Well, here I what I have...

I spent the Easter in Harrisburg. My parents usually have all kids and spouses and kids tot their house but they are still in Florida this year since Easter cam so early. My sister stepped up and decided to have everyone at her house. My little brother and his family could not attend due to medical issues they are facing right now but both sisters and their families were there. We missed Matt and his family and Mom and Dad but it was nice to be together. Also, my BF came this holiday which was a first.

Here are the kids Easter morning with their baskets from the bunny.

 And here are the instructions for the egg hunt (this is my duty every year and I love it more each year)!!! This year we followed the Pinterest idea and had each kid find a cer…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Visit Joyce and join the fun!
1. What are two or three expectations you have of yourself?

a. I expect myself to bring joy to others and not hurt or pain
b. I expect myself to be there as much as I can for my family
c. I expect myself to always be the best I can be in any given situation and follow God's will each day

2. In what way does your outdoor space need sprucing up this spring?

I live in a condo so I spruce up my patio every year with LOTS do flowers as you can see in the photo below. This year, I will get to do outdoor at my BF's house too though. We are planning to build a waterfall and pond with fishes!!! I am really excited for that project! If anyone has plans to share on one they have completed....I am all ears!!!

3. According to this site (Roadtrippers), six of North America's most wondrous waterfalls are-Webster's Falls in Ontario, Upper Whitewater Falls in North Carolina,Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, Multnomah Falls in Oregon, The Lower Yellowstone Fa…


Hi! I hope eveyrone is having an awesome early Spring!!!

I was sent a Vox Box from Influenster to review the products inside.

I received a lot of really great stuff and I have to say that one of my favorites was the razor and shave cream from Venus! I was sent the Venus Shave gel in Voilet Swirl and Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razors for women.

I had not tried any of these new razors for women as I am a traditional "use your dads razor" kind of girl.

My Dad gave me his old Shick razor years ago and I just keep getting new blades for it.

Now that I have tried this razor I cannot believe the difference!

I absolutely love the handle and the design of the razor - it has these ergonomic gripes on it that makes it so easy to hold and use and five blades. The razor just glides so smoothly!!!

My legs felt amazing after I was done! It probably helps that I used the awesome shave gel that they sent me also! The Violet Stripe that I received smelled so good! I have to be honest, I…

Cutex Rocks

Hi friends! I see these all the time and I was finally given the opportunity by Influenster to review products! Yeah! So fun!
I was sent a complimentary pack of Cutex Nail Polish removers to test and review.
I have tried polish pads in the past and they just did not work as well as regular polish on a cotton ball. Also, it seemed like a waste of money when it took more than three pads to do all ten nails. Well, these new pads are great!
ONE pad took the polish off both hands and I had two coats on!
It also left my nails moisturizer as compared to most regular polished that dries them out. I really like this product and will be running to the store today to stock up!
Give them a try.... I promise you will be pleased. These will be my new go to for travel! Now signing off to go find the perfect spent polish color for Easter weekend!
Enjoy! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!
Anyone else try these?
What was your opinion?
What is your favorite spring color?

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The Who LIVE

Hi internet peeps! I cannot wait to tell you how awesome my week was last week! Thanks to my BF I got to attend the Who Concert in Pittsburgh! It was held at the Consol Energy Center and it was EPIC!

I have loved The Who since I was in middle school! I used to sit for hours and listen to their albums in my room! LOVE LOVE LOVE them - so the opportunity to see them was nothing short of awesome!

I have to say, it was by far my very favorite concert EVER! I love me some Kidrock but this concert was amazing! They sounded exactly like they did on their albums and it is 30 years later!

Here are a few pictures...

This was on the jumbo-tron screen when the music started playing...

Here is a picture of me and my sweetie! He was wearing his tye-dye shirt from their last tour!

A little collage...Pete Townsend on the left and Roger Daulterey on the right...

Another of them together! They sounded awesome and played awesome! Pictures of Lily was amazing! Also, Pinball Wizard and See Me were KILLER!

The s…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I am linking up with all my buddies again for Wednesday Hodgepodge! I you want to join in, grab the button above and answer all the questions...then link up Here!

1. February ended with an extra 24 hours in 2016. What did you do with your bonus day?
Since it was Monday I had to work so nothing special happened at all. :-(
2. What's something in your life that's grown by leaps and bounds in recent days, weeks, months, or years? I'm giving you lots of room to come up with an answer here, so no fair passing on this one.
I guess my sense of what I want in life. I feel very stagnant and like I need a big change so I am pursuing that! I think I will change a lot of things - especially how I approach what I want. It may sound selfish but I put others in front of myself A LOT an that is going to change. No more going out of my way for someone unless it truly is something I WANT to do. I do not want to waste any more precious time taking care of others. My family is the exception t…

Adjusting Sails

Hi! Yes...hi everyone! I am still alive and I am so sorry that I have been such a crappy blogger lately!
I will be picking things up a notch here! PROMISE!
The tides are turning and I am adjusting my sails, so to speak!

Stay tuned as I take control of MY life and MY happiness!
I am starting to feel stagnant, like I am not growing or changing, and that is not good for me so I am ready to shake things up here!
I hope you will ALL come along for the ride!  I am sure that things will be getting very interesting around here soon!
Hee Hee! How's that for a teaser?
Please don't abandon me now loyal readers! 
I care about each and every one of you and I will make sure I make that much more apparent in the weeks and months to come with lots of interesting life posts and giveaways! PROMISE!
Thanks for you undying readership, comments and support! You are an amazing bunch of friends...stay tuned!!!