Monday, October 6, 2014

Jackson's Mill Weekend

 I had the pleasure of spending my weekend with a bunch of FRIENDS!! Amazing friends like none other! They are all friends that I will cherish forever! We spent our weeekend together at Jackson Mill in WVa. We ate a lot, laughed a lot and learned a lot!! What an amazing weekend! Be prepared for picture overload!

We stopped in WV, to shop on the way down, at Kohl's and were completely am,used at how many baby carts they have at Kohl's! Everyone must have babies there! Seriously, sooooo many baby carts and no plain carts!

This was our home for the weekend! It was awesome!!! It;s a cabin called Monongahelia and it was awesome!

This is me and my roomie Laura (Nancy) at the Assembly Hall getting a selfie!

This is a beautiful fish pond that is on the land. It was really cold and dark Saturday.

 Another shot if the fish pond and the little dock.

This is the Mill on the property... est 1794!

And the story plaque...

This is the Blacksmith Shop

And the plaque...

 Another building on the land with Laura posing at the door!


Little selfie I sent to my friend right after she texted me to tell me that she signed the escrow on her new home!!! Congrats Mariela!!! So excited to hear about your new life start!

Another plaque...

Beautiful scenery and foliage!

And old plane...

Inside the old plane...

Campfire pit! I fell asleep long before this was fired up!

Jackson's Mill Chapel

Me and a bestie Vaughn!

Me and some of my favorite people on the planet!~Laura and Bruce!

This is the inside of a shed that was next to our cabin. We have no idea what it was and Laura was the only one brave enough to stick her hand in and get a picture around the corner. Maybe next time we will be brave enough to explore inside!!!

Selfie with Saturday night costume! HA

Laura and I in our Saturday night costumes and with new earrings!!

This is a ritual stop when we go to the Mill. There is a painting in the Jame Lew truck stop that we visit every time we are there! It is the civil war and I am convinced it is Jesus in the middle fighting away! Judge for yourselves!

 It was such an amazing weekend! Made four times amazing by Bruce and Laura! Thanks guys - I love you both dearly!!! See yinz again in January 2015!!!

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  1. Looks like an amazing weekend and I love places with history like that.