Yoga for Beginners

Today I am joining Liz (one of my very favorite bloggers) at FitnessBlondie for her Hump Day Blog Hop!

I am so excited to meet some new friends!!!

 On this Hump Day I am loving Yoga!  I am a very "ants in your pants" kind of person and never thought I would EVER enjoy yoga but it has been enlightening!

I have been taking classes for about 6 weeks now at least once a week. Last night I noticed that my balance is getting better! I can hold the poses longer than ever before! And, my flexibility is getting better also! I think it helps that I have lost about 15 pounds recently and that makes it easier to move - ha!

It has been so fun learning the names of all the moves and my instructor is amazing! This is her...soooo classy and makes yoga look effortless - she gives me something to aspire to!

Someday I plan to be really good but until then  - practice practice practice! Here are my moves....hee!

In addition to Yoga, the gym I go to offers Piyo, Piloxing, Zumba and Cardio HipHop!  These are all amazing classes and everyone from the students to the instructors and owners are sooo supportive there! If you live anywhere near Washington, PA or Houston, PA you should check out StudioFit!  I love it so much there!  Here is a picture from class last night! It was Zumba and everyone was kinda low key due to rain and cold temps when class started so the instructors decided to rock things out!  What a fun class it ended up being!!

 Happy Hump Day yinz!!!!!!!


  1. I've been doing a lot of yoga too. Loving it. So happy to have finally found something that I get excited about doing. It may not be the best at burning calories, but it is great for your everything.

  2. My friend keeps telling me I should do yoga but my little gym only has it on and off.


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