Friends and Family Rock

I hope I have mentioned lately that I love my life and everyone in it!! I am so blessed with an amazing family and soooo many friends that are so sweet to me! I am so spoiled with love and thoughtfulness!!

I got this awesome card in the mail today from my sisters family today with a Starbucks card - sooo awesome!!

As if that is not enough for one day...this cute little bag of goodies was outside my door this morning! My neighbors rock!!! It was from the girl across the hall and her son!!!!

Sooooo yummy!!! This stuff is so amazing!

Adorable socks!!!! Can't wait to wear these babies!!!

And then there is this! Have you tried these!?!? So amazing and so yummy!!! I would have never thought to buy this but wow!!! This is delicious candy!!!

 Thanks to all the wonderful people in my life! You guys continuously rock my world!!!



  1. How sweet! I always want to do that "you've been boo'd" gift thing but so far haven't pulled it off lol


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