Can't Stop...Won't Stop...

This past weekend was my relaxation weekend! It was going to be my first weekend home for over a month. I had plans with myself to go to a little local festival called the Houston Pumpkin Festival in Houston, PA and then clean the house and chill the rest of the weekend!

Well, plans changed! HA HA! I went to yoga from 8:15AM to 9:15AM and was going to stand right outside of the yoga studio to watch the parade. The parade, however, did not start for another 45 minutes and I was alone :-(

It's not much fun to wait for a parade alone so I decided right then and there to change my plans and go up to my parents house in Ohio. It is only a two hour drive.  They were planning on attending two fairs that weekend and my little sister would also be there with her son. So I went for it!!! Up to Ohio I went for the weekend!

It was a beautiful day for a drive...this is the view as you round the corner to enter the lake that my parents live on...gorgeous country roads almost the whole way there!

And this is the view from their porch out onto the more swimming this year but what amazing scenery!!! Love this lake!!!

This is my nephew and I taking a car upside selfie on the way to the fair on Saturday afternoon. We went to an outdoor fair and flea market called the Hartville Outdoor Market and Flea Market. It was awesome!!! Soooo much great stuff!!! I got an awesome 6 pane antique window for $15 that I am going to refurbish as a picture frame!!  I will definitely post pictures of that process soon!!

We found a big bag of meat for my nieces Alyssa and Jessica...they love meat sticks!!!!!!! HA

This is and my Dad are not in the picture as he was on my side of the table. This is my Mom and sister and nephew. We ate at the Hartville Kitchen.  I am truly serious when I say that this is the most amazing home-cooked food you will ever get outside of your own home! The line goes out the door but it moves really quickly. Even if it did not I would highly recommend the wait and the food - YUMMY X100!!

This is breakfast after church on Sunday...everyone smooshed in and made it into the picture!!! YEA!!!!

After Church Sunday we went to another fair. This is the Algonquin Mill Festival! What an awesome day...lots of great craft booths and also good food!! YUM! YUM! Homemade bread and apple butter and apple dumplins! There were alot of demonstrations at this fair. Many demonstrated how people used to do chores and work before modern machinery.
Below in the foreground is a machine that used to be used to bail hay...really amazing to watch. And in the background is the machine that they used to take the corn off the husks and also grind the husks all at the same time! So neat to watch!

I left before the rest of my family as I still wanted to be home to make it to Studiofit for the Sunday night classes. Even following this Amish buggy for a few miles I was able to make it with plenty of time! I love the Amish values and their laid back lifestyle but with the way I have trouble sitting still for a weekend, I better just stick to observing it! HEE HEE

I made it to the gym Sunday night for BodyPump, Zumba and Yoga!! Yippee!! 

After all the fair, festival and restaurant food I ate this weekend...I promise I greatly needed all three!!!!

Hope yinz all had an amazing weekend as well!! HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. Looks like a great time with your family and so beautiful there.


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