Friend Makin' Monday

I am joining in on Friend Makin' Monday with Kenz.

Todays' question is...

Did you watch the Superbowl? If so, did you enjoy it? If not, what did you do instead?

Yes, I watched - every painful and exciting second - even up to the end when all chance was gone that my beloved Steelers would win!

I am from Pittsburgh - born and raised - and still here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my city and all my teams - the lose does not change that...just a little depressed today :-)
We are a great team of great players that rise above NO MATTER WHAT!!! We support of players....they may not all be angels but they do their time, pay their consequencesm, learn from their mistakes and move forward - just like the rest of us in this world (show me one team that has angels and I will fall over).....FAR BE IT FOR ME TO JUDGE ANYONE LEST I BE JUDGED!!!! :-)

The Packers played a great game and we had a lot of mishaps......congrats to all Packers fans out there!!!! Great job!!! You definitely deserve the win!

To my beloved Steelers....if you are reading......and I bet you are (LOL) we will get number seven next year! Still love you!!!!!!!!!
On the issue of National Anthem: what a pity to not know the words....Christina is also from Pittsburgh...not soooo proud right now....:-)
On the issue of commercials: I loved the Darth Vader VW and the finger sucking Doritos...the rest......also a pity.....
On the issue of half-time.....took a break from the tv and ate ice cream and facebooked....not very pretty to say the least......sad because I love the Black Eyed Peas...oh well........all in all - I should have watched what Kenz did!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!


  1. Hey, we all have our thing! I had to ask who won this morning, not really even knowing who played!

  2. Sorry about your team not winning but I LOVE your positive attitude! It's always nice to see people with great sportsmanship!

    Happy FMM


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