Polar Express

I got to take my niece on the Polar Express in Dennison, Ohio.

What an amazing experience this was!!!

If you ever get a chance to do it - I say go!!!

Here are the pics - it was supposed to be me and my niece however my nephew was sooo excited about the trains that he could not stand it ... soooo we had to take him too!!! FUN FUN FUN! They were both soooooo good and sooo into the whole thing!

This is Kyleigh and Memew waiting for the train

And Susie and Ryan...waiting patiently (it was soo cold and snowy)...

And Me and the kids before we boarded the train!

And another farther away and a bit blurry...

Our little elf "cutie pie" and the kids...

Hugging her brother?!?!?!??!?! I do not see her pinching anything on him!!! :-)
The conductor punching the kids tickets...
Holding up their tickets and cookies....
Kyleighs book for Santa to sign...
Santa getting the kids lists and asking if they behaved this year - you know Aunt Annie said they were angels!!!!!!!!
and another...
Me and my loves...
my darling cat Kidrock...chillin' next to the christmas tree....I was cracking up when I saw him.....LOVE this little man!!!!

Sorry I have been such a cucky blogger.....I will pick up the action in 2011....promise!!!
Will be posting more holiday fun soon!!!!!!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice to see you posting! It looks freaking freezing out there!


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