Tour of My Patio Garden

Here is a look at the progress of my perty patio garden!!!!!
Here is the view standing in the patio doorway looking left...
Here is the view looking right from the doorway...

This is my big pot of basil :-)

This is my planter with basil on each side and iin the center of the planter is lemon verbena (I plan to use for tea) YUM!!!!!!

This is my topsy turvey baby tomato hangs on the side of the building and has two red cherry tomato plants and one yellow....already ate one tomato off of this planter....Walt a I shared it (did not really fill us up) LOL!!!

This is one of two big tomato planters...I am trying this new this year and we shall see if I get enough sun to actually have tomatos grow on these....

And the other big tomato plant...
If you look close you can see lots of flowers on them - hopefully this means we will also see lots of tomatos make it to maturity!!!

This is my pot of Lemon Thyme...a little spider has moved in this pot and made a little and seeing as how no recipes call for spider babies or web I may not be using this.....:-) But it is still pretty!

And here is the closeup of my Clematis...already had about ten huge purple flowers and here is a closeup of a new one ready to open up!!! There are like ten buds waiting to open now - yippee!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour!!!!!!!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. You did a fantastic job


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