A Tour Of My Cubicle

A tour of my cubicle...
I have decided since I have absolutely NOTHING to say today I will give you a tour of my cubicle in photos (minus the sensitive company stuff).
Here they are in no particular order...

An over view standing in the entrance which is a space between two walls...The sombreros and leis are from employee appreciaton...I LOVE that group at work!!!! I also LOVE LOVE my write on wipe off board...I inherited this from someone that left the company - yeah me!
My only blank (or clear) spot - this is where I lay out process maps, etc.

this is the soda stash under my desk for the Employee Appreciation Team - works out well as I do not drink soda at all - anytime!

this is my picture section - family and close friends adorn a LARGE area of my walls...

this is games, fun mugs and stuff, awards, etc,.

I have to show this - I am in Toastmasters at work to learn to be a better public speaker and after you do ten speeches you got the Communicator award...our group made these for the party when three people that acheived this award on the same day - yippee - are they not soooooooo cute!?!?!??

my toes - I am argueing that they ARE in my cubicle...I just got them done yesterday so I had to show them off!!!! Right? OPI Koala Berry - one of my fav summer colors!
This is Angelica...If you look close you can see the pink medicine on her bottom lip...This was last week when she was sick. I am sooooooooo happy to report that she is fine now!!! She got better on Saturday am and just started running around like crazy - another thank you God and yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all I have - maybe a report from the gym for tomorrow...I gotta find something to say!!!!!


  1. Nice tour! I am jealous of all the clear space to work on. I am always clearing off my desk to no avail.

  2. If my boss saw your desk he'd be all "we can fit four more people in here..."


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