Top 2 Tuesday

Today is Top 2 Tuesday!


We will all be sharing our top two reality shows we would want to be on.

Hop on over to The Undomestic Momma and play along - it's fun!!!!!!!!!

This is hard for me to just pick two because I LOVE reality TV and would probabl;y be thrilled to be on any show - I also love know, gossip drama!!!!!

I think that reality tv is all I watch now aside from being forced to watch Monday Night Raw with Waliacha (he will swear to you that wrestling is reality TV!!!!! - LOL!!)

Number 1 - Survivor

Number 2 - Amazing Race

Runners Up....

All other reality shows from Big Brother to Cooking shows to Jersey Shore....LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!! I think it wouls be fab to get a makeover by Snookie!

Join us!!! What are your favs?


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