Nothing to report

I STILL have not downloaded my pics from the weekend!

Maybe tonight...

I tweaked my neck so between chiropractor and work I have not had a chance to download the weekend fun yet!

I may get a chance after tonight's practice for the signing of the National Anthem.

Yes - you heard right - I and six others will be signing the National Anthem at the Pirates game on Friday night! It was so much fun the last time we did it - I cannot wait to do it again!!!!!!

So - until I download new pics from my camera - here are a few I just took at my desk at work with my blackberry.....

A pic from when we signed last year at the game...a few of us are doing it again plus a few new ones...I will definitely do a whole post on that!!!!!!!!!

My freshly painted toes (my new favorite color for summer)!!! Gotta love pedicures!

My desk at work (cubicle heaven) me, I am not complaining...I know many people that have tiny cubicles or no cubicle at all - I have a TON of room - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My staple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plain old black coffee!!!! We are lucky enough at work to have Starbucks brewed on the ground floor - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Convenience!

Andddddd breakfast - Jolly Time Caramel Apple Popcorn - my other new favorite!


  1. Love the toes! I wish I had a full cube to myself!

  2. You have an awesome pedicure you are rockin' there! Love it! Now, your cube? Nice setup! I have a big room, but alas, have to share it with 24 others....little ones...!!


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