Mary, Mary quite does your garden grow?

Mary, Mary quite does your garden grow?
Well, here is mine.
In all it's glory!!
My patio!!!!
A bunch of pots of herbs, tomatoes and flowers and joy all smooshed into a 6 feet by three feet area!
Believe me, if I could fit more, I would!

This is my Basil and Lemon Verbena planter...
This is a view of the right side if you are standing on the patio...
This is the left side with Lemon Tyme and flowers...

That is my hanging tomato plant on the left side and more plants

And, thanks to a friend of ours named Boyd, I now have two new tomato plants with cages on each side...YUMMERS!!!!

And I will leave you with a cute shot of the babies before I left for work this am - they love when the screen door is open and I think they were all sitting there getting fresh air and watching the bugs running around outside. I ruined the fun when I called them to get this picture!
Hope everyone had a great Monday!!


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