Friday Fives

Fridays Five (With Beth At Just Me and My Life) is 5 Random Questions you can have fun answering and then enjoy getting to know others by reading theirs!

Link up here and play too!!!!!!

1. If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?

Spa Day - nothing better than a spa day!

2.If you could start fresh, what profession would you choose?

Kindergarten Teacher - it is rewarding and I am jealous every summer when my relatives that are teachers are off for three months!!!!!

3.What is your favorite candy or candy bar?

I love anything chocolate or peanut butter so I would have to say my FAVORITE is a Reese's peanut butter cup but I also love the occasional Skittles!!!!!!

4.Have your ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought an"As seen on TV item"?

Absolutely!!!!!!! Most recent and memorable was this stuff...

And this was my all time favorite purchase - I use this constantly still today and it is over 15 years old!!! Of course, it is the older model of this thing...

5. Whats the movie you ALWAYS cry at??
The Outsiders!! This has always been my favorite movie!!! I love the message it sends and the guys used to seem sooooo hot and sexy (almost all the guys in it went on to have amazing careers in the movies!!! Not so mch anymore but it has an awesome message and I cry everytime I watch it mutliple times!!!!!!! If you have never seen it - rent it now!!! I promise you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

PS - Everyone please say a little prayer for my baby Angelica - she was really sick last night and this am...I gave her a litttle cat amoxicilan and some CatLax and am hoping it is just a stuck hairball - she is not eating or drinking or moving and if she does not improve today it looks like a trip to the vet tomorrow!! Thanks for the prayers!!!


  1. A spa day sounds wonderful!!

  2. I loved the Outsiders. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and I loved the book too. I'll be praying for your kitty.

  3. Ooh, a day at a spa would be fantastic!

  4. I have NEVER been to a spa...

    and I hope your kitty feels better!

  5. Between Bare Escentuals, Reese's and teacher? We have a lot in common. So you are jealous of me and my free summers? Don't worry, my husband gives me a pile of laundry to iron that makes up for it.

    Okay, I lied, it is awesome.

  6. Sign me up for tjat Spa Day- Love it!!

    Thank you for doing my Friday Fives, I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. A Spa Day... i need to squeeze that in my day off!


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