A new best friend..

I have three cats and I have now found a new best friend!!! Two of my babies have long hair and my elderly cat is shedding like crazy also. Anyone with cats knows that a little issue with hairballs exists and it seems like each time a hairball comes up there is fourty pounds of food with it! Needless to say, I used to have a beautiful offwhite burber carpet - ha ha!

Usually about twice a year I rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot and do a deep cleaning of the carpet. Which entails renting this HUGE machine and dragging it home in the car and getting it out of the car and dragging it in and cleaning then returning it...you get the idea - PAIN IN THE REAR!!! Here is my new best friend.....she's a Hoover!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooo excited to say that I have FINALLY invested in my OWN carpet cleaner and it worked soooooooo well and soooooooo easy that my OCD perosonality is happy to say I will be steamcleaning at least every other month!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hereis a pic of my new nest friend and I will also upload pics tonight and show the carpet after cleaning pics tomorrow!!!!

Yippee!!!!!!!!! (See, it takes soooo little to get me excited!!!)

One another note: I lost three pounds this week just from adding my running (jogging) back in - YEAH ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ann,I wondered how a person could be so excited about a Hoover carpet cleaner...and then the reason appeared--a three-pound weight LOSS!

    Now THAT I can understand. (I still think God is behind it all --grin!)



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