G20 Prep

For anyone that is not aware - I live in a suburb about 10 minutes from Pittsburgh.
This city has all of the sudden turned upside down with the G20 summit that is to be held here in 2 days.
We are having police barriers set up all over our beautiful city just in case of rioting (what?!?!??!) and there are protestors camping out (yes, in tents and burlap cites) in our public parks!! There are cops EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Most companies in downtown itself are closing and my company has shut down its road entirely unless you have an employee driving pass. Walts company has shut down all week and he will basically just not be getting paid this week - this has really become annoying!!
This is just beginning to get a little scary...not sure whose idea this way but I am not thinking it was a good one.....Please Please pray for my beautiful city and comunities that there is peace and not choas and ruin!!
What do you think - scary or no?!?!?!??!


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