additional update

I was just reading my post after I posted it and realized that I had not posted since Waliacha was laid off again. Not that anyone reads this but me but just in case you are out there wondering (ha-ha) this is what eventually happened...
He went to the Roofers Union and complained and they finally moved him to a new company and a new boss and a new job!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! It seems like he likes this alot better and I am sooooooooo happy for him. So, he is again no longer unemployed but still makes dinner every now and then...YEAH!!!
It is raining in Pittsburgh today so he if off and as I write he is at home making stuffed peppers for dinner - I am soooooooooooo hungry thinking about them - YUM!!!
Have a great day and thanks for allowing me to believe that someone somewhere is reading this........LOL!!!!!!!!!!


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