Monday, November 16, 2020

Happy Monday and Clarifications

Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve gotten a few questions after my post regarding interviews. I figured I should take this post to clear things up.

So basically I’ve lost my job. They gave us a two month notice during which time we are being paid. So my current job officially ends on December 30. At that time I will no longer be an employee of Bayer. We are receiving severance for all of our direct employee years so that will definitely help.

My plan moving forward is to get out of IT and six sigma and become a nurse. I just want to do some thing that makes a difference in this world. Sadly I can’t go to nursing school for two years and not work… I just can’t afford it. So the plan is to work and go to nursing school on nights and weekends.

I have been working with the nursing director at CCAC which is where I plan to attend nursing school. She is trying to get me a spot in the spring class of 2021. They only except 200 students and I am too late to be considered for enrollment but she is thinking a few students may decide not to go which will free up a spot for me.

In order to be considered for the program by the nursing director; I had to take the TEAS test. It tests your current level of math, science, English and reading comprehension.  I bought the book and studied really hard (Nermal  studied with me- so much that he got highlighted) ha!

I scored a 79 overall. I didn’t think it was that great but from what they are telling me at the nursing college it is. So I am super proud of myself! Fingers crossed it is enough to get me into nursing college in the spring. If a position does not open up in Spring 2021, then they will put me in the Fall 2021 class.

But all of this just explains why I am currently looking for employment - I wish I were able to just stay home and do school but my current situation does not allow for that. I guess this would be one of those times in life that would be easier if I had a spouse! Ha ha!

If you have any others questions, pleases do not hesitate to ask. If I have an answer I will tell you it. This is new territory for me to navigate! 

I will leave you with this...I have some friends that are saying they will not wear a mask because they think it will make you sick somehow...

I personally think “Mask it or Casket”. I have tried to educate myself on this subject and I pray that everyone I love wears a mask! I can not make anyone do it but I have already lost three friends here in PA and had many others hospitalized for weeks!!! 

I pray you all stay safe and happy and let’s get through this Covid thing once and for all!!!!! Ugh!!

This picture came up on my Facebook memories last night. My aunt posted it of a family trip we took to Washington DC.

For left to Aunt Marti (it’s her birthday today), grandma Wells (she is in Heaven), and my Mom in the black shirt. None of those people on the right were with us. Also, my older sister is in the striped dress and I am in the yellow jumper in front of my Mom. 

I assume my Dad was taking the picture standing in the middle of the road! Ha! Also, where are my sisters pants?!?!! Ha ha!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! Sending so many hugs to you all!!

Stay safe and happy everyone!!!! Hugs!


  1. Cute picture at the end of your post! I am praying that you will be able to get in a spot for the spring nursing group, Ann. What is a six sigma? Have a wonderful week!

  2. Best of luck on your nursing plans. That's a job I don't think I would ever be able to do.

  3. Good for you! I love you're taking this as an opportunity for a new road.
    I know back in the day, the dresses were so short like that. I see some outfits when i was little & think, OH MY GOSH - why didnt you jsut let me walk around in my underwear.

  4. Congrats on your new exciting plans!
    And I am so sorry to hear that you lost so many close people.
    We are indeed mask wearers here.
    Stay safe and healthy!

  5. I wondered about your nursing school and am glad that you are still pursuing it!! I hope in the interim you find a great job that will get you through school and keep the bills paid! God bless you in this endeavor!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful plan and hope you get into the school. Wishing you positive thoughts.

  7. I have an acquaintance who followed the same plan you did and became a nurse. She loves it.

  8. Wearing a mask will make you sick? Extraordinary! While surgical masks don't give you much protection, they protect others and wearing them is the best thing you can do for your fellow citizens and the best thing they can do for you. It is sad that mask wearing or not became a political statement in your country.
    So, you are ok until the end of the year and then we may hear you are working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. That much is true.

  9. I used to work with a woman who worked while in nursing school. I admired her dedication, she's a wonderful nurse now. Best wishes to you!

  10. Good luck with the job hunt and the nursing application. It's bound to be hard work but so rewarding.


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