Friend Makin Monday - The Basics

Hi bloggy friends!!!!

Can I just say that I am soo excited that Friend Makin Monday is back?!?! You shoud come by a join in too! Just answer the questions below and link up in the comments at All The Weigh!

Thanks Kenlie for resurrecting my favorite Monday link up!!! Here goes!!!!

Friend Makin’ Mondays: The Basics
  1. How often do you make your bed? EVERYDAY!!!! Without exception! My mother trained me well!
  2. What are you currently reading? People sister has a subscription so she saves them up for me and when I see her I get to read them all and catch up on my knowledge of the stars- Hee!
  3. Do you go to bed at a certain time? If so, what time?Absolutely! Work days I am in bed at 9:30 PM. I normally go to Barre class at 5:45 AM so I have to hit to bed early during the week. On weekend, maybe 11 or 12.
  4. What are your favorite TV shows currently? I love Grimm, Teen Mom OG and 2, Survivor and the Amazing Race - reality TV kind of girl! HA
  5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten lately? I do not eat weird things - lol. I cannot even think of the last weird thing I ate.
  6. Do you have any trips planned? If so, where are you going next? I do! I have a New York trip with friends and I have a family vacation to the beach at Stone Harbor, NJ. Also, me and BF are going to plan a Caribbean week somewhere. Any ideas?!?!? I NEED ideas!
  7. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? If you’re not a coffee drinker, what you do prefer? I cannot even count. That is my last vice. I quit smoking and drinking and it is all I have so I do not even want to count. HA
  8. It’s Saturday night, and you decided to stay in? What do you do to entertain yourself? (We’re talking hobbies, interests, etc.) TV or board games - I LOVE board games!
  9. When you give a gift do you wrap it, or do you put it in a gift bag? I am a gift bag kind of gal! Lots of tissue but definitely a gift bag!
  10. Share one thing from last week that made you smile? I ran the Hershey 10K and the entire run felt great!! I even ran up all the hills - that never happens!! I smiled all day!!! And I got to visit with my sister! Family ALWAYS makes me smile!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Denise! Have a great day AGAIN - hee hee!

  2. If you're heading to the Caribbean, I suggest Atlantis. You can do everything there, and I really enjoyed staying in the towers when I went.

    Ohhh, and I LOVE board games too! Just saying.

    I'm glad you're excited about the return of FMM because I am too. I've missed it so much because of you and people like you...

    1. Thanks Kenlie! I feel the same about you! So happy you brought it back and I truly LOVE your blog! Never stop writing!!!!Thanks for the recommendation! I am looking that up right now!

  3. Definitely I'm with you on gift bags. Love stuffing all that tissue in there! I don't mind wrapping a package if it is the right shape. Two of our grandkids prefer opening a package rather than a gift bag. We recently went on a cruise in the Caribbean and went to the Nassau, San Juan and St. Thomas. I can't even remember now which was my favorite, because I enjoyed the little private island we visited that was owned by the cruise line. It was wonderful.

    1. Hi Nonnie: I love the cruise idea! My BF not so much but I really feel like that is the best way to see many islands so a shorter amount of time. I may keep working on that! I will definitely be searching your blog for those pics!!! Thanks for commenting and for the recommendation!


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