Thursday, December 17, 2015

Missing 9.8 pounds

Hi everyone!

I went on a cookie walk on December 3rd and as of December 4th I have been on a diet!

LOL! But, totally not joking!

From the beginning of January I slowly but on over 20 pounds that I worked so hard to lose the few months before and I swore I would watch and not gain them back.

Well, after spending three hours going from store to store and sampling cookies, I could not wait to step on the scale as I felt horrible!

So, I reflected about how much I want to be in shape and look and FEEL good and I have been watching everything I eat and staying within 1200 - 1400 calories a day.

When I jumped on the scale this am - I am officially down 9.8 pounds since the cookie walk!

That's 9.8 pounds in 14 days (5 pounds a week!)!

I am so happy and I already feel so much better! I will be back to feeling awesome by New Years if I keep pushing away the desserts! YEA!!!!


  1. I encourage you to look into Trim Healthy Mama the plan is awesome!

  2. Thanks Renee - I will check it out!


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