Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hott Spot Extreme Wellness

And the jury is in...

Hot Yoga is amazing! 

I wanted to get a lot of pictures to go with this post however, cameras are not allowed in the studio so that idea was nixed quickly.

And, no, this is not me pictured below but it is the amazing studio I went to last night!

We went to The Hott Spot Extreme Wellness last night for a Hot Yoga class! Some friends and I all received a free class pass and went last night to check it out - I am now hooked!! I loved it so much!!!

The classes are 75 to 90 minutes long and up to 95 degrees in the studio. It was so relaxing and felt amazing!

If you plan to attend one and have never gone before here are some tips...

1. Bring your own mat. They rent mats where I went but that is a little gross to imagine once you stay through a class. Your mat will be SOAKED with sweat and just the thought of renting a mat that someone had previously drenched with their own sweat (that has since dried) is a little gross...LOL!

2. Bring a BIG towel. You will use this to lay on your mat to absorb some of the massive amounts of sweat that will pour out of you! HA! And to mop off your face, hair, neck, etc. throughout class. I wear contacts and I had to constantly mop off the extra sweat from my face as it was burning my contacts. Do not wear makeup...a girl I went with did and she regretted it! Her eyes were burning the whole class! It is dark, no-one will see you anyway!

3. Bring lots of water. You will hydrate throughout the entire least we did. Also, drink a lot of water in prep for it too. I drank water all day and then had to get in a 4 mile training run at the gym prior to the class so I ended up chugging about 32 oz of Nuun that day also which may have helped me adjust as a first-timer.

4. Make sure you arrive early to get a good spot. I wanted on an end in the back and class filled up early. People that arrived late then had to squeeze their mats between others - it did not look like fun and they got some shady eyeball looks from those that we there first.

5. Be open-minded. It is very different and very interesting. I walked in and also initially (had I been alone) may have just walked out. It was sooooo hot in there and I was not moving. I thought that I could never have stayed in there, moved around and survived. But, you WILL get used to the heat and it feels amazing! I was much looser than normal and it felt sooo cleansing!

6. Be ready for a good nights sleep. I got home and was TOTALLY wired talking to my mother and boyfriend on the phone about how awesome it was! I was a hige ball of energy. I felt like I had all this energy and an amazing high. I then proceeded to shower and I could not get to the bed fast enough! I was exhausted and I slept like a baby!!!!!!

I will SOOOOOO be going back!!! I actually can not wait until the next time!!! I may even be considering heading back tonight! I think I am in love again!

Check it out - you will not be sorry!!!!

Has anyone participated in hot yoga? Was your experience the same as mine? I would love to hear your comments and if I forgot anything important to mention!

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  1. Love Hot Yoga. I just signed up for a month at a new studio. Your classes are extra long. I can't imagine doing it for that long... mind you I am thinking about doing two classes back to back, so maybe I can, lol.

  2. There is no way I can do that kind of heat with my MS, but I would love to find something that makes me feel like you describe. I don't sleep your "sleep like a baby" sounds amazing :) I hope you continue to love the class.


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