Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Giveaway Winner and Getting on Track



The winner of last weeks giveaway is Natalie!!

I emailed Natalie and just need her to respond with her mailing address and I will send her a Jamberry pedicure set.

Onto more pressing matters.

I have been such a slacker on my portion control and eating! I am still working out like crazy but my eating is out of control.

I have had my twenty something niece living with me and she has the abaility to junk all the time without gaiing weight. I do not! HA  When I come home from the gym and see her eating pita chips and ice cream, etc. I think I can hav some too.

Well, I jumped on the scale this am and realized that I am up 5 pounds.

So, for the 100th time - I am getting serious! I just want to finish losing the last of the weight I need to lose and be done with it. I only need about 30 more pounds gone which is nothing compared to where I started.

I AM BACK ON TRACK!!!! Get this done and then maintain for years to come.

This will also help with my psoriatic arthritis. I have started having pain in my joints and losing the rest of this weight can only help ease that pain.

Wish me luck - I am focused.

Any one else ever lose focus of your goals? How do you stay on track? Any advise is welcome

Hope yinz all have a great day!

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