Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Kicks!

So you all know how much I love my Zumba!!

I also love jogging (outside) and spin class but Zumba and hiphop are my true favs.

It does not sound like a workout I know but it really is.

I have a bodymedia to gague calories burned and each hiphop class is between 600 - 800 claories!! It is awesome!!!!

I do HipHop and Zumba about four days a week and then spin and jog the others and I noticed that my knees were starting to hurt - bad. Like even when I was sleeping if I turned wrong, etc.

So someone said as much as I dance for fitness I needed to invest in a pair of dancing shoes. They have a pivot point that allows for easier turning without jerking or tugging on the knees! What a difference!! They are awesome! They were actually on sale at Kohls and I was able to get them for like 26 dollars; a steal when you consider that real Zumba shoes are like 80 dollars!

Anyway I love them!!!!

I spun last night for an hour and then did Zumba for a final hour...hopefully if my eating stays on track I will lose BIG this week!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!

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  1. Those look cool! I wish my gym did more classes. It's just a little thing so they only do a couple. I should look into them though. I think they have philoxing and something else.


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