Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cram Packed Weekend

Hi ya'll!!

I hope everyone had as much this past weekend as I did!

What a great weekend...just what I needed to escape from work stress!!

Friday night I went to dinnner a great friend of ine, Sherry, to our favorite place Amel's.  YUM!!!!

Then Saturday I ended up at a 2 hour Zumbathon...such fun and great exercise!!!!

Saturday night I met up with two of my Zumba instructors for dinner at another favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh called Seviche and then went dancing at Cavo.

What a great night!!!!  Here are me and then girls at the club.

I am in the middle on this one...(LtoR...Amy, me, Dionna)

 I am on the right in this one (LtoR...Amy, Dionna, me)

And this is the lovely mess I woke up to Monday morning...ick!!!! I am sooooooooo done with snow.  Oh well, at least it looks pretty if nothing else.  It is almost all melted already...hopefully spring is next!!!!!
Happy Tuesday all!

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