Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little Boo Boo

I was so excited for Kristy to get back last night that I think I went too hard! HA!

One of my favorite Zumba/HipHop instructors was on vacation last week and last night was her first day back.

I was soooo amped for her HipHop class and I think I went a little too hard.

I burned over 800 calories in her 1 hour HipHop alone and then did my usual Zumba to burn over 400 more.

I got home, did my usual routine which consists of showering and then relaxing with a hot decaf Sleepytime tea (and popping Melatonin-my sleeping savior) and went off to bed.

I woke up at about 2AM with a pounding pain in my foot. Kept me up the rest of the night!!!

It is in the middle of the ball of my foot!!! PAIN times 50!

I limped into work and have had ice on it all day today and I will be taking tonight off from any exercise.

Just PRAYING that it will be functional tomorrow or else I may have to suck it up and get an xray :-(

I will keep you all posted.....sooooooooooooo sad!!! HATE DAYS OFF-THEY MEAN I HAVE TO EAT WAYYYYY LESS TOO!


  1. Oh nooo that sucks!! I hope it starts to feel better. I was having a bit of foot (and leg) pain and my new shoes with inserts helped straighten it out.

  2. Hope it gets better soon, and hope it wasn't caused by your new shoes.


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