Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wackos and workshops

Hi all!!!
I am in the middle of preparing for a HUGE leadership workshop that I am facilitating tomorrow.
Practicing, organizing, etc. and trying to take DEEP breaths!!
Terrified really!
Anyway, that is why I have not blogged lately....I will be back after tomorrow is OVER! Ha!

Oh, also I have a CRAZY condo neighbor trying to get me in trouble for flowers...he has decided he has an issue with me (after we had a confrontation regarding his propping open the fire doors) and he flipped out on me (yelling and cursing as I stood out on my patio). Then he called the Condo Owners Assoc and of course, they just told him I could have as many flowers as I want...so Lord only knows what is next from him! I filed a police report for the harrassment and I am trying sooo hard not to stop every day and buy more flowers just to spite him!
I hope everyone has a great rest if the week - I will report back in soon!

I will leave you with pictures of the adorable and renamed Josie! She came with the name Baby but I always call them all baby when I talk baby talk to them so I think she would have had a hard time learning her name if I did not change it - could have been very confusing to her. So she is now Josie!! Have an awesome day all!

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  1. ugh I hate PITA neighbors! Josie is a sweety! I came over here from my google reader to comment on another post but it's not showing up here, it's very nice :)


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