Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Vacation Recap

I am sooooo behind at work since my vacation is now OVER :-(

So I only have time to a do a quick recap it is ...

The morning after I arrived, my two my nieces thought it would be fun to register for a family run - nuts right?!??! So we all went down to the QB Scramble in Stone Harbor, NJ to run the 5K together...Wayyyy fun and wayyyy hot! But this guy was there and my niece that will soon be attending Villanova was there and they took it as a sign for a photo op....cute, hugh?!?!? (Coincidence - I think not!!!) They were laughing saying she uses her Pitt shirt to sweat in, see?? No offense to Pitt...they were second choice :-)

Here are the minglers before the race...

Here we two nieces, sister, nephew and me....with our silly running hats we got for our "team"

My frog friend that lives at the front door of the condo...

The lifguard nephew waiting for the race to start - his sister bailed on him and he had to run alone - he did an awesome job though!!!!

The adorable girl above did not want to run this year - she wanted to leave her pretty dress on so she bailed....these two are my twin niece and nephew waiting for the race to begin...this is right before she bailed on him - LOL!!!

They look soooo excited don't they?!?!?!

View every morning from the patio!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

Another view...

And another with those fun lollypop toes in the picture - they lasted all week in the chipping!!!!

Here is a few of the family waiting to sing to my little sister for her early birthday party!!

And here she is with her DQ Cake!!! The big 4 0 this year - hense the black candles!!

I think that sums it all up along with a lot of laying and reading on the beach all day every day - no shots of that as I refuse to take photos on the beach...LOL!!! Maybe I will get some from another family member and post later...LOL!!!

All in all, amazing vacation!!!!!!!!! Thanks sis and bro-in-law for again letting the ENTIRE family crash your place!!!


  1. What a fun time you must have had. Now you need a vacation from your vacation. he he Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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