Monday, July 11, 2011

Awesome Concert

Work has been insane so my posting may slow down a bit - sorry in advance!!
I just realized that I never posted the concert pictures from last week - what a slacker!!!
Well, wait no longer, here they are!!!!!!!!!

Leroy "Something or Other" opened the show (they were okay) and then came Sheryl Crow!!!! She was great!!!

Here is a non-zoomed in view from our seats! (That is Leroy playing there too). They were really good but we all decided to spring for VIP next year and be in the FRONT row - can't wait!!!!!!!

Kidrock and Sheryl Crow signing together!

Kidrock on the BIG Screen!

Kidrock again!!!!!!!!

This is the gang I went with...Me on the left and then Ed whom I was soooooo suprised to learn he wanted to see Kidrock and my bestest friend for many years now Sherry!!!!!

Our matching BFF bands we got for the concert!!

The Born Free eagle that hung above the stage! In the Columbus show it got lowered down to the stage with Kidrock on it!!!

The man Kidrock again...

and again - shirtless!!!!!!!!!!

And another...

And during the show!!!!!

Sadly, I took about a billion pictures and only a few came out not blurry when zoomed in - I think for next years show I am goign to invest in a better camera - we shall see!!!!

Awesome time and now I love him even more!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You got to see your man!!!! :) How fun.
    Tell me that you didn't throw your panties on stage, girl! HA!

  2. Looks like you had some great seats!


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