Friday, June 3, 2011

WHOOT - It's Friday

Here is another hodge-podge post of pictures...

My new favorite snack at work! Frozen edamame...yum!!!

By the time I eat them at work they are no longer frozen but fresh and cold and YUMMY!!!

We have new babies at my house!!!At least one that I saw!!! Here is a photo. I got home last night and one of my three pregnant fishes started to have babies....I only saw one but they are GREAT hiders and I have a lot of plants for them to hide in...I hope a few survive....I think I need to change my blog to a nature blog with all these animals lately - LOL!!!

Hopefully you can see the new fry in the pic below - he is the blurry thing above the leaf...

And in this one he is the little thing swimming horizontally on the very bottom, center in the photo...hope he is alive when I get home from work!!! I could not find him when I left but I am hoping he is hiding...

Happy Friday!!! I will be heading to Columbus for my new nephews baptism so more pics on Monday!!!

Happy weekend yinz!!!!!!!

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  1. What kind of fish do you have? My friend at work has Platties and they have babies in her tank :)


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