Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still deleting...

Hey Hey!
I guess I am documenting all this for me... I appologize to my readers for the bummer subject and hope this blog gets to be about fun stuff and fun pics again SOON!!!!!

Waliacha sent/brought flowers and a card to work again today.

I sent the card through the shredder without opening it and gave the flowers to my secretary.

I then proceeded to call Waliacha's sponsor and request that he make a plea to him to stop coming and bringing stuff to my work and spen his money on a place to rent to live instead of stupid cards and flowers that are all for naught...we shall see if that works.

I am giving this phone call thing one more day then getting his number blocked from both my personal and work cellular numbers as it does not appear to be letting up and the messages are ripping my heart apart - try as I may it is hard to delete without listening-maybe blocking is the best option.

But, I am still very happy and will not change my decision with the exception of a few tears here and there (lots of broken promises and dreams)...he will NOT be coming back to MY HOME - that I know for sure!!!

Thanks again for all the kind will be interesting to see what God has in store next....


  1. Oh my you are a strong woman putting the card through the shredder without even reading it!!

  2. 2 people close to me went through divorces this summer, and yours sounds similiar to one of them. Sometimes you have to put up that wall and not allow the hurt through. I think you are awesome.

  3. I admire your strength! I'm glad you're doing what's beset for you even though it's so hard.


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