Things to do...

Tonight is dinner with one of my bestest friends (and sponsor) Donna and another great friend that I have known for over 12 years - yeah - fun dinner at Napoli in Bridgeville...
as this restaurant is only ten minutes from my home in Bridgeville which is about 12 miles from the actual city of Pittsburgh.
The following is for It's Good to be Queen (she requested a small tour of where I live)
In Pittsburgh you can...
hang out in the Strip
go to games - Steelers Pirates Penquins
go to downtown Bridgeville
go on the walking path that runs throughout my town and many others
and soon I will post more...


  1. Thanks for the really nice tour of Pennsylvania places, especially around Pittsburgh.

    Enjoy the single life! And remember that enjoyment next time some guy pops the question. Then, toss a coin. (I'm being facetious.)


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