Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almost Friday!

It is almost Friday and life is good!
Wally is back in the picture - we had a good discussion and I guess no matter what you do or how well you know each other - quarrels will happen - and the silent treatment is getting shorter and shorter so that is progress. And - although I like to believe that I am - I am NOT perfect either and Walt really is one of the greatest men I have met to date with wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more positives than anything!!!
Plans are to go horseback riding this weekend with Jamie (I will be using my gift certificate from April). I am soooo excited. We will be going to Rolling Hills Ranch in S. Hills. I have only gone a few times but it is always fun. I just have to be sure to ask for the horse named Glue....I do not have any ambition at all to go for a ride on Lightening or Wind - LOL!!!!

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