Monday, April 11, 2016

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a better weekend then me! Wowsa! 

Actually that is not exactly accurate...

I had a great weekend if I focus on the positives and that is PRECISELY what I plan to do from now on! I have always been a happy and cheerful person and lately I am kind of crotchety and grouchy and not as pleasant. I decided that some serious life changes needed ot happen and now they have...well, at least they are starting.

I can only share one aspect so far but here it is. Me and the BF are DONE! Enough is enough. All I am going to say is that when I evaluated the relationship, there was NOTHING in it for me. I was getting absolutely NOTHING from the relationship at all! SERIOUSLY!  I am not exaggerating at all by this. I am still baffled that it took me so long to bail but I honestly thought he was trying to change and I really felt bad after he had a family tragedy at the beginning of the year. Again, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! When I can feel myself becoming unhappy, it is time to run so I am long over due for running away! LOL!

So I am single! YIPPEE....MAYBE...LOL! So that is change one and there are more to come that I hope I can share SOON!!!!

So that is the crappy part of the weekend....which, if you think about it really is not that crappy. Time to open new doors. 

The rest of my weekend rocked!!! My little sister came into town and it was an awesome visit! We spent the day together shopping and making some necklaces for my nieces friends that are making their First Holy Communion. Here is what we made...

They are available to purchase and personalize in my Etsy shop HERE if you are interested.

After a fun Saturday of shopping and jewelry making, we went to a reunion for our Twirling Corps. I twirled from about 6 years old all the way through high school. We were members of the Modernettes and we were the Grand World National Champions every year!

Here are some photos from the night...

This is our amazing dance teacher that started it all! She is and always was CLASSY!

Here is a shot of the group I hung out with a lot! These are some of my favorite faces EVER!!! I literally grew up with these girls!

Of course there was a photo booth and, of course, I completely monopolized it!

Love this chick! We still hang out often these days!

And the group shot! This was such a great night! I hope they do another one next year!

Wish me luck on my new life!!! More changes and announcements to come......

Just in case no one told you they love you today, I love you!

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday back to you. I'm glad you survived the weekend and came out of it with positive memories. Sweet necklaces. Reunions are great and spending time with your sis is too. Have a good week and best of luck for your future.

    1. Thanks for the sweet wishes Nonnie! Hope you have an awesome week also!

  2. praying for you to have a very happy future dear

    1. Thank you - I appreciate it more than you know!

  3. Sorry the BF didn't work out :( Good to bail when you know it's not right though. Sometimes I wish I could bail lol

    1. Yes - I actually am strangely not that sad. I have moments but already feel better about life! Must not have been meant to be! Thanks Julie!

  4. So sorry to hear about that! Sometimes change is for the best, even though it is scary sometimes! I hope it all works out for you and you can be happier :)

    1. Thank you Alexis! I actually am already happier! I am surprised myself - it was definitely time to move on.