Just Another Day at the Beach

Beautiful sunset at Stone Harbor beach...

My sister and two nieces just hanging out on a bench after the morning walk...

My beach art I texted to my darling Mark...

Every morning we walk about three miles and then head to Coffee Talk for our morning coffee. If you are ever in Avalon or Stone Harbor you need to check this place out...it is awesome!

My view for the next week!!

At night they had a free show put on for kids. It was a few really different animals that the kids could touch and hold if they wanted. First was an aligator. I got there late and missed the picture of that. Next was this creature...a tarantula.

My niece jumped back when it was her turn to hold it and I wanted to show her not to be scared so I held it...no picture but I swear I held it. Anyone that knows me will not believe this but I swear I did...my family saw it all!

Really close view...

Then this guy came out...a snake! This is my Dad showing the kids not to be afraid...

My nephew with it on his neck...

My niece with it on her neck...

Then the turtle came out!!!

What a great show for kids....they loved it and it was the perfect end to an evening at the beach.

What dnagerous or creepy animals have ou ever held?



  1. Oh looks like the kids loved that!

  2. They had an awesome time all week - the older and younger cousins are not together a lot so they had a ball!!


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