A Better View

Finally, I decided to buy new windows for the condo!!! A bunch of us all went together and got them done at the same time so we got a little discount since we all ordered in bulk. The old ones were awful and the condo looks so bright now! This is the master bedroom with the old window taken out...

And this is the sliding glass patio door taken out...

New door...

New window flashing....

A view from the outside...awesome!!!

Little closer...

I am so very happy I invested in new windows. They are amazing and make the place look so new and bright!


  1. Nice! We have 4 more windows to replace in our house, one we are going to put a door there instead of a window. It's been on the to do list forever lol.

    1. I love them - wish I would have done it sooner!! Mine were hard to see through as the double panes had fog in them!!! Its an amazing difference and my house plants are much happier with the light also! HA


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