My new favorite snack on the planet is a Quest Bar! I love the Peanut Butter...and the Chocolate Brownie...and the Lemon Bar, etc.! I have not tried one that I did not like.

HOWEVER!!!!! I have found a new FAVORITE! This is not good...this is amazing!

It is called Cookies & Cream and it is Rockstar Status!!!!

Completely amazing! I like this MORE than eating a handful of Oreos!!! They are truly that amazing!

YUM! YUM! YUM! Work snack time is my favorite time of day now!

Seriously, you need to try one of these!!! This is not a paid endorsement but if someone from Quest sees this and chooses to send me a BUNCH of these I will gladly give you my address for shipping!!!  

Get yours quickly as I may or may not have already bought out the entire stock!!!!

Happy eating ya'll!!!


  1. It's too bad they are so expensive! I haven't tried them yet though lol


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